Five Top Selling Markets To Develop A Shopify Online Store

If you have decided to run your own shopify web-store , the next decision is what products  will you have listed in your store that will be on demand and sell profitably.

Some five products categories or niches you cannot go wrong with to be profitable in shopify e-commerce are listed below. These are some of the more profitable niches by the account of very success e-commerce entrepreneurs.

There are products that trend  because of sport events ( NBA, NFL. etc..) , holiday seasons, or simply appeal to a population of fanatics. Products that show designs, artworks or features targeted to an targeted audience will do well in web stores.

Here are some examples of niches which products can be in high demand for your Shopify online store. Every niche there is can be narrowed further to sub niches to serve an even more targeted group of people.

  •  Health and Fitness

    • Products in the health and fitness niche can be very profitable because lots of people have a goal to lose weight and be healthy. They turn to diet and nutrition products and that can help accomplish that goal. Inside of this niche, there are other sub niches where people seek specific outcomes.
  • Clothing and Toys

    • From Clothing to toys, there is quite a large spending volume online in this niche. The targets in this niche are parents and adults who spend money on kids related items for their own kids, nieces and nephews.
    • Something that works well in this niche is the custom print garments with messages of affection towards a loved one (s).
    • Toys and gadgets can be viral products if they are being promoted  during the release new movie that features this gadgets and props. Some of these gadgets can really be of interest to a large number of raving  fanatics.
  • Pets themed Products

    • This niche draws pet owners passionate about items designed around the themes of pets, dogs and cats predominantly.  These themed items can be as simple as  cellphone cases with a print of a pet image, kitchen wares with pet design, pendants made into the shape of a pet, anything that can be quirky but cool in the eyes of pet lovers.
  • Jewelry

    • Bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants that feature unique designs, not by a high quality of the stone or metal, but the wow design factor are on high demand in web-stores. They have to be price reasonably to appeal to a young generation on online shoppers looking for relatively cheap but fashionable accessories.
    • Web-stores that can be even more profitable appeal to a specific target group: Like a jewelry collection that have engraved nurses themes or a design pieces tattoos lovers or gothics fans  for example can relate to.
  • Outdoor and Camping

    • Your webstore can serve people passionate about outdoor and adventures. They are shopping for camping gears, jackets, packing materials, rock climbing stuff and survival kits for both genders. A few web stores  do really well in this market. If you are already passionate about the outdoors and the outbacks, this can be great for your e-commerce.

There you have it, five great markets to tap into for your products selections to develop your shopify online store.

A very common aspect of the store that are really profitable is their products selections already has a large audience and fan base online and on the social media platforms and so the store owners can really tailor their marketing campaigns to reach this group of raving fans.

More important is to do your research and start testing a few products by driving traffic to them on your web store to see the response of the market.

To your success,


Ecommerce Business: How To Start An Online Boutique With Shopify

Today we’ll get into how to start an online boutique with one of the Ecommerce platform called Shopify.

Most people have made a purchase or spent money online on a website. Now after learning how to launch an online boutique, you get to be on the receiving end of the transaction, having people buy from you on your own online store and bring in great profit all when taking on very little to no financial risk.

Before you get to launch your shopify store, there is a few things to map out.

  • General Store versus Niche Store

You get to decide which type of store you want to develop. A general store will display multiple unrelated products just like in a department store. A niche store will display products of the same category that will appeal to specific demographic or niche. E-commerce  experts would recommend the latter over the former.

This plays greatly into how you will produce your marketing ads and how targeted they will be. In E-commerce, the more targeted your Ads campaigns are, the better your ROI (return on investment) and the better your conversion rates (how many people buy).

  •  What products to sell on Shopify

Assuming you have decided on developing a niche store per experts recommendation, now you need to decide what product to display in your online store.

When developing your store on shopify, products that tend to be most profitable are very unique niche products  that appeal to very targeted audience.  You can sell anything from jewelry, custom design clothing, wine, electronic accessories,

Whatever you decide on, ask yourself if the product can be virally sustainable, if the products can get the attention of raving fans, and if it can give the perfect customer a wow and cool factor.

  • Where to obtain inventory for your Store

This is where the drop-shipping aspect of your shopify business comes to play. You get to identify whole sellers that will have inventory of the products you’ll have on display on your site. These whole sellers are to have a large inventory of these items in stock ready to ship them to customers on your behalf.

One  go to drop-shipping site many shopify store owners use is Ali Express ( But there are a number of drop-shipping companies and whole sellers that drop-ship specific products categories like Watches, handbags, tea cups, wine, hunting gears, brand name clothing etc.. Some may be based in the U.S or Outside the U.S.

With most of them you can create a merchant account for free and find the products you want to list in you store and get the feed the inventory data to your store.

  • Getting Started with Shopify

On, you get to create your merchant account for a fee to use the platform.

Once you create the shopify account, you get to select a theme for your online store and activate a few settings.  After this you can start uploading the products from aliexpress over to your shopify site.

It can be done manually but you can automate this process using an app called Oberlo. it is design to import your products images and descriptions and price data to your shpify store much more easily.

  • Pricing your Items

This is an important piece in make your store profitable. Pricing items with shopify plays on a balance of cost of the item and the shipping cost. You get to determine how much to markup the price of the item to cover the cost and shipping an create a reasonable profit.

  • Marketing your products

Advertising your  shopify site can be achieve through Facebook and  Instagram Ads. Once your store has a good presentation, products on display  and the necessary apps installed, now you get to start running  Facebook or Instagram Ads to drive traffic and attract visitor to your site.

I will post another video on how to run facebook ads to get leads and customers in your e-commerce. This paragraph will have a hyperlink to the post.

  • Useful Apps

    • Oberlo
      • This free app enable you to transfer the data of your chosen products over to appear on your site. This includes images,  products descriptions, price, variations.
      • It is also the service that handle the shipping of products for you.
    • MailChimp for Shopify
      • This one when enabled on your store will cleverly collect prospects emails for you to acquire leads and built your emailing list at the same time.
    • Facebook Store
      • This is a page you create on Facebook that mirrors your store and lets you get traffic and sell directly on Facebook.
    • Printful
      • This one will serve you if you want to sell print on demand clothing. This app is designed to send the print on demand orders from your site to the print shop which then produces the print jobs and ships the items to your customers.

There are many others that I will share on a separate post so you will know them when you get into shopify drop-shipping.

Starting an online store isn’t hard task, but a patient game. Not every product is a winner and not every store you develop is profitable. For this reason there is some trip and errors required and you will need to launch different stores at times till your get to a real winner.

I will make a full video tutorial and post it soon showing the buiding and development of a store. It will be my own store and can have a shoulder view as a progress through everything.

To your success,


Ecommerce Business: Five Reasons To Start An Online Store Or E-commerce

Having been around the internet business for a few years it has become more evident that a great way to build an online business with limited time and money resources at any level of expertise could very well be to start an Ecommerce Business.

Ecommerce  is the business of developing and running an online online store (s) to make money selling consumer products. Stores like,  are some of the largest form of Ecommerce out there.

But for an individual looking to do business online starting out on the budget, the simplest way to get the business up and running without waisting time is Drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping is the Ecommerce model where wholesalers ship orders placed through your online store to the customers   directly from the warehouses on your behalf.

The products are only on display on your website you are manage and advertise products on.  When visitors place the orders, they are either entered manually or automated to the warehouse that ships the products to the customers on your behalf.

Here are ultimately 5 reason why You should develop an Ecommerce business now

  • First, it is a financially low risk business model because you do not hold any physical inventory which also means you do not carry the task of shipping the products out to the customers.

Moreover there is no warehouse or store space in your operation expenses. It has become increasingly easier to create your online website at a low cost  using prebuilt websites like, etc. 

  • Second, there is a high profit margin in the sales revenue because of the ability to mark up substantially the prices from their original costs.

This is due to a large selection of products that are cheap from whole sales but has a higher perceived value and a fan base for some products that are considered niche products.

And just like other businesses (apple, samsung, nike, Walmart etc…) mark up their prices  to be highly profitable, you can also do the same legally and achieve great profit margins if done correctly.

  • Third, E-commerce has your store open at all time 24/7 and can get people buying from across the globe. What this means to you is that you can really generate passive income as you set up your store once and have sales rolling in like clockworks..
  • Fourth, It is the  alternative to affiliate marketing if you aren’t skilled  yet in actively creating marketing content online like doing videos and webinars the way successful affiliate marketers do it to drive traffic to their offers.  In Ecommerce, you do not have to spread yourself thin from building landing pages, sending emails to posting ads in random places trying to make sales.

In Ecommerce there is more focus in strategic Ad campaigns that can start with trials an error but ultimately  give you more return of your investment on paid traffic.

  • Fifth, Ecommerce  has less scrutiny and is never looked at as a scam like Internet marketing sometimes is looked at because you are actually selling physical products and people see tangible products for their money spent. As a result there is less friction in promoting  and running ads.

Most people before wouldn’t take a chance to start a business selling anything because the logistics were previously harder to get by and expensive to acquire.

Starting an E-commerce store is now simpler and require no large start up investment. Even when new, one can have an E-commerce site up and running online in a fews days.

To Your Success,


P.S. There is a FREE course tutorial on how to create and develop your online store. Click here to view the video series.

How To Get Customers In Affiliate Marketing

The process of finding customers is to increasingly  create  exposure of yourself and your business to as many people as possible.

As a marketer I have to drive traffic to attract people to my businesses. I can drive traffic for free from my blog, my youtube channels to through  social media.

Now in this different places it is evident that people with similar interests  tend to form a sort of congregation where they join online and share their common interests and experiences on  a certain topic of fan product.

The internet has made it possible to find groups of audiences already gathered and expressing interest in particular products or niche. Facebook groups are the perfect example.  In youtube, subscribers sign up to the channels that present content about their interests. And on the web people with the same interest may gravitate towards blogs that approach those subjects.

These are the same place where a business online can find paying customers.

To do this  the first  task is to find out what is your niche market. When you know theism then you  find out where are the people in that niche using hanging out online. Then you can get the opportunity to engage with these people where they are gathered and lead them to your sales page or website.

How do you  drive people to your webpage and offers?

How do you get traffic to your business pages to get people to buy?

  1. Produce a lot of content

In today’s online ecosystem, content rules. Whether it’s in written form (blog), video( Vlog) or audio ( Podcasting), content is the driving force behind the best trafficked sited on the internet.

  • 3 types of traffic
    • Traffic You own
    • Traffic you don’t control
    • traffic you own
  • Traffic you own
    • This type of traffic is the one people who produce a lot of content are rewarded with. This is the the kind of traffic that is organic and warm, the kind you don’t pay for. These are you page fans, followers, and subscribers to your  email list.
    • You own it because you can instantly broadcast a message and they will get, int the same way you can promote an offer and they will be responsive and many will buy.
    • This is the kind of traffic most of us strive for or should strive for in business because it’s the most responsive and most profitable.  So start building your list, create your Facebook fanpage, start your Instagram page if you haven’t already.
  • Traffic you control
    • This are the paid types of traffic.  You can place an order to have a number of visitors sent to your sites or pages. traffic vendors or social media sites.
    • Email Ads are an example of paid traffic where a traffic vendor ( ones that owns larges lists of emails) send an email to their list with your link in it.
    • Pay-per-Click Ads are the ones you can order from social media sited like facebook, youtube, instagram and these show your ads to a target market on their platforms.
    • Banner ads work the same and you can control this type of traffic because you are paying a certain amount of money to get a certain number of people to seed your Ads or promotions. However you do not own this traffic because you don’t have in your possessive these visitors emails.
  • Traffic you do not control
    • Any type traffic that primarily comes to you organically as a result of search engine ranking or social medial viral post.
    • This traffic is random and uncontrollable. You can engineer organic traffic through optimization of you blogs, instagram and youtube content, but until you’ve collected a visitor’s email or got sign ups, you don’t  own nor control this traffic.

How can you take ownership of the traffic?

If you have engaged in the process of producing regular content and creating some interest in your person and message, you’d want to convert those prospects showing interest into leads by getting primarily their email addresses.

A clever way to convert convert those prospects into leads is to drive traffic to a page called an opt in page, a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a simple page with an opt-in form that compels visitors to enter their email in return for a free offer, gift, discount, anything that that people in your chosen niche will find valuable.

It is so  important to have an irresistible value proposition on the option page so you can collect those emails a much as possible. A great place to have your squeeze page is the front page of your blog, or the primary page that any prospect click thru to from your call to action whether it’s on your youtube channel, your Facebook fan page or Instagram page.

Expert marketers will tell you to never drive traffic directly to a offer hoping to make sales, but to drive your traffic to an optin page to collect emails to add to your list.

The goal is to turn those visitors into leads, visitors who have just provided you their email addresses. Then you will start building rapport with the prospects before the stage of making a sales pitch.

These processes can be automated and can all grouped into sales funnels. More to come in the next blog on What are sales funnels and why you should set up sales funnels before driving all 3 types of traffic.

Hope you found this post valuable.

To your success,


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The Online Business Formula Has Not Changed

Welcome to another post!

Online business is an ever changing business with new ways of reaching audiences  and evolving ways of marketing new products and services.

But one thing that has not changed is the formula to growing business in the online space.

It’s a formula because it’s been used over and over again by experts and their students and is proven to work for every one else that applies it to their businesses regardless of the industry or niche.

Four questions inside your business will help identify the major components that make this formula work so well.

– The Questions

  •  Who is your dream Client? 

In other words, who are you in business to serve?  The answer to this question not only helps identify your target market but also help picture your perfect customer. 

    • What do your perfect customers look like ?
    • What are their interests and passions?
    • What are their aspirations and goals?
    • What do they value most?
    • The answer to these questions helps you  know who you want to serve.
  • Where do you find your dream clients?
    • Where are the people you want to serve gathering online. There are many online platforms that host groups of people sharing similar interests. They are attracted to the information and the people who share them. They are in social media groups, they visit specific blogs, are subscribe to certain youtube channels.  So finding them allows you to have a responsive audience already seeking the information you have.
  •  What Bribe do you use to attract them towards you?
    • Bribe simply is and incentive to get your dream clients to turn their attention towards you and your message. The online space is such a noisy space that there is a need for a bait to create responsiveness.
    • A bait can take the form of a free download report or ebook that answers some of their questions. It can also be a physical book, a free trial account, a free gift to add some value. These are called “Lead Magnets” and they initially allow you to acquire potential clients’ contact information for a chance to follow up and build rapport with them.
  •  What results do you want you client to achieve?
    • This is about  your clients ultimate desired outcome, a place where they feel they have gotten results, they got what they wanted and you made it happen for them.

Once you  are able to find the answers to these four questions, you have established a map to work with. And what follows will be implementation of marketing campaigns and the promotions of products and services that will help accomplish your clients desired outcome?

To Your Success,