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I was just reading a book that spoke to me and reminded me of my defining moments

that brought me into the online business and entrepreneurship.

Have you reflected upon your life and thought some of your your decisions

grew from a fight for survival trying to avoid the worse? 

Entrepreneurs who stay in business and succeed have their stories of struggles 

strong motives for putting up a fight and building a business from the ground up 

 What is your motive for doing what  you do?

Why do you want to have that you do not already have ?

And If you get that, what will it get you that you do not have NOW?

By nature we humans in general operate by two motives

We are engaged in seeking pleasure of some sort


We are engaged in avoiding pain of some sort

Lots of us found our way into an online business because we were interested in

improving the quality of our lives

There was a time of my life when I was truly in debt and broke

Waking up with no money in my pocket    

I had a job that paid just enough to keep me coming back for more

I am talking minimum wage

Back then I was still in school but having started a family early, I had obligations

My fight was primarily to avoid any more stress and alleviate the financial burden I was in

It was a fight to get out of debt, get the basic needs covered and have a saving as cushion for peace of mind

If you can relate to that, a lot of people are in the same fight and maybe fighting even greater foes

like imminent foreclosure, overwhelming medical debts, college loans, broken marriages and the list goes on

I too picked up my fight when I hit my rock bottom,

And I went online  looking for a way to make more money 

It was a desperate time in my life, I was conscious of  my financial problems 

My fight was to avoid the pain of constant worry and feeling less than a responsible parent 

My fight was to avoid getting anymore  letters of rejection

because no one would hire me for the job I truly wanted 

I know what I did not want in my life and at the same time I knew exactly what I wanted

It was the peace of mind, going through everyday knowing money will not be an issue 

It was the freedom to choose how I spend time doing what I was passionate about

This is the reason I became an entrepreneur doing marketing consulting business 

And it is the best decision I ever made  

If you are someone who is frustrated and want to change to current circumstance 

You have you own fight and let those adverse circumstances be the force behind your commitment to success

Those who have hit rock bottom and got to the point that they say “enough is enough” tend to make different decisions

to do whatever it took so that life does not have to be so difficult

And so I command you who have been going through major problems in your life

know that as a result of this fight you can rise above all challenges

achieve success beyond belief and change other lives in the process 

Entrepreneurs do it best because the have to help other people in order to succeed  

And so my vision became clear, to help the regular people achieve financial  freedom

through helping them build a sustainable online business with passive income.



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Sometimes, a wake up call is necessary for turning points. I did not like my life the way it was because of my poor financial condition and the way if affected my family. Also, I was not in the position to help other people and make a difference. Now I can do that through internet marketing because it gave me a playground with unlimited potential to learn, grow and serve others. In the process I created some amazing relationships that help me keep my mindset at peak level. Maybe you can relate to that and you are curious to find out how you too can get your hands on the great business tools to get started in your own online business and create some serious income. That is my ultimate goal: Helping you start making the kind of money that will ensure you piece of mind and a life of abundance and fulfillment the way you dream it.

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