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An expert in online marketing had conducted a survey of a large number of people who are trying to make money online.

The survey reveal that as much as 60 percent of people trying to make money online make les than $100 a month

So the expert went on to pin point why people are not achieve their income goals

The first major issue that surfaces is that people tend to be overwhelmed with information and too much theories

- The result!

They engage in activities that are busy work but do not produce income 

Here is the broken model that 95 percent of online marketer use

So many marketers do 98 percent of activities that merely produce 2 percent of income results

True, there are some of these activities that may look like work but nonetheless ineffective


- The solution to increase your Income

Focus on 2 to 5 percent of the activities that produce 95 percent of the income


by flipping the broken model upside down, it changes everything

But what are those 2 t0 5 percent of activities that create almost al the results in

your business?


- Marketing 

The top priority of an internet marketer is to market and sell

Marketing and selling determine if you are even in business or not

and until you sell anything, there is no business

So the focus goes to getting eyeballs on your products and services as much as


which leads to the second most important activity that will give you great



- Driving traffic

Traffic and visitors fuel you business.

You generate traffic by using advertisement methods that you can resonate with

 Google P.P.C – Facebook P.P.C – Instagram P.P.C – Snapchat – Youtube Video 

Banner Ads – Solo Ads – Safe swaps – Email Ads 


- Email list building 

As small as your list may be, you’ve got to nurture it and connect with it.

Your email list is the most valuable asset in your business 

It is the list of people who at some point have expressed interest in your

products and services 

So they gave you permission to email when opting into one of your pages 

Email your list daily with the content you produce, blog, video to give them

pure value

Once you give a lot of value then you can pitch your offer or product 

Sales will come from your list when you give value and pitch the warm

prospects that your list is 


- Mindset shift 

An expert said your income can only grow to the extent that you do.

This is very true.

It can be very strange that two people with the same opportunity,

the same products and the same strategies drive traffic to the same offer         

one person makes sales and the other does not.

How do you explain this?

This is the invisible power when an entrepreneur has the right kind of mindset

It is critical to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed  

Your faith has to be so strong that there is no room from doubt when results

don’t come in right away 

See, most marketers tend to stop when their traffic does not convert 

Only the mindset can allow you to keep going when things get tough,

otherwise you will quit at the first sign of  challenges  or lack of results 


- Ways to keep your mindset is at peak level? 

- Read personal development books,

- Associate with like minded people

- Listen to empowering messages from peak performance speakers

- Do all the above daily 

Everything else you will do in you business become secondary 

So in a nutshell, marketing, marketing and more marketing will produce 98  

percent of the results. 

Driving traffic, emailing your list daily and boosting the mindset are top

priority to your success online  




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