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Today  you get to discover the biggest breakthrough for affiliate marketers.

It’s a group with a custom built systems that integrates affiliate links to make its affiliates money from different companies by using one simple integrated system of marketing.  

If you have been around the online marketing space, you have probably been solicited to join more than one affiliate marketing business program.

There are quite a few of them, some more unique than others.  From my experience being in the business for the past couple of years, the less unique are the ones that do not have a real product line or services for end users.

They are simply business opportunities that pitch commission plans to those who can bring in more affiliate through the door.

Those are called Bizzopps and even in the marketing ecosystem, they are frowned upon because they tend to be content empty and do not deliver any real products or service hence do not give real value.

The more unique ones are the affiliate programs that serve real value and have some kind of usable and transformative product to go with it. These produces aren’t  necessarily physical but may be digital in nature.

Examples are custom systems for marketing products, software platforms to automate income producing activities or enable one to improve sales processes of  a business.

Those are the more legitimate online affiliate programs where if worked properly can create a person a life changing passive income.

By the way, I get really excited about affiliate programs that have some type of SaaS ( Software As A Service).

One because a software is more marketable to end users and they get to use it achieve specific tasks with these softwares.

Second, An affiliate can grow passive income that is more predictable due to the lifetime rebill value of people using the software. It is more of a continuity service. 

However the biggest breakthrough in the affiliate marketing space is a concept of an affiliate group that you can join that has multiple streams of income from different other companies.

See, the traditional affiliate marketing networks lock you into a compensation plan based on their own line of products from a low ticket item to hight ticket items.

But the affiliate group with the MSI (Multiple Streams of Income)  actually partners with other Businesses that have products on high demand and an affiliate program of their own.

Then the MSI group builds a structure that integrates all the other companies affiliated into one system.

The outcome is that an affiliate who becomes part of the MSI group unlocks Multiple Streams of Income through ONE integrated system that promotes the other companies.

The biggest benefit for one who is is looking to make money online without waisting time and money is that you do the work once and earn commission  from multiple streams. 

Mots affiliates who don’t make money loose money after investing in different  tools and softwares and if they do start making money it takes a long time to break even because they aren’t being paid on those softwares they use in their business. 

What makes the MSI unique is that one also gets commissions from the tools that accompany the systems and you may not need any other tools outside of the ones already integrated in the system and that you also earn money on. 

And this is  the biggest breakthrough in the affiliate marketing industry. 

Now one can have every tools and system in one place and a comprehensive training to go with it, cut down on learning curve, minimize cost and be profitable sooner rather than later. 

If you have not seen an MSI system in operation, one of the few implementation is done by the Fourpercent Group.

It’s a group of thriving marketers who participate in the MSI program.

 The group has an affiliated partnership with an Internet Marketing College, A web page building and editing software company, an email marketing software company and a tracking software company just to name a few. 

Their portfolio has all the companies that provide 99% of the platforms and training an affiliate could ever need to earn significant income online. 

Maybe you want to see it for yourself. Just head over here to get a feel and a showing of the Fourpercent business model. 



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