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Here are three major activities an internet Marketer may need to do

on a daily basis to generate significantly more revenue 


As simple as these tasks are, many entry level marketers miss  them

So they fall short of their income goals 


In business in general, the 80/20 rule is prevalent.

It is only 20% of the work that produce 80% of the income results 

Everything is administrative, mechanism and aesthetic

And it’s no different in online marketing


So what 20% of the work in online marketing produce  80% of the income results


Those are called Income Producing Activities  a.k.a I.P.As

A few tasks in the work of the online entrepreneur are critical to achieve one thing: Making Sales

Income Producing Activities represent those 20% of the work that bring the revenue

Here is a list of things that must be the primary focus as part of the 20%

- Marketing

The is the essential part of any business in order to drive sales

Marketing brings people through the door metaphorically

In the online space… it is marketing that generates interest from suspects

In the process, you get a lot of eyeballs on your products and offers

Amongst this visitors, some will become prospects, then leads and eventually

make a buying decision

Two activities within marketing that will get you customers and sales


1 – Drive Traffic to your website and sales pages


Driving Traffic is one of the top Income producing activities from experts point of view 

The more people a marketer can get to view the offers, the more likely he/she is to make sales.

Traffic comes in many forms:

Free Traffic

  • - Blogging
  • - Vlogging ( Youtube, Facebook videos, Facebook live, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • - Social media prospecting

Paid Traffic

  • - Facebook P.P.C
  • - linked In P.P.C
  • - Google Ads
  • - Youtube paid Ads

A solid funnel system is almost indispensable to creating a seamless

automation of the tasks and capture more fresh leads. 

The best metaphor  of a mechanism like a funnel system is just  like a funnel that you know.

On the wide top end of the funnel, marketing efforts will generate a flood of traffic to the offers being promoted.

The funnel  progressively filters the large group of prospects

until your ideal customers make it to the sales page and buy.

Sometimes prospects will not buy right away

But the marketer’s ability to retain their contact info, in this case there emails 

from a squeeze page or landing  page make possible the next Income Producing Activity.


2 – Email Your List


If you have done a good job of driving traffic and captured some leads…

you will be grows his/her email list in the process 

Some may have bought already, and some may have left the sales page

But the marketer’s ability to serve this people valuable information and content

repositions him/her in front of the customer.


It takes on average seven (7) contact with a prospect to make a being decision

You may have heard marketers say “The money is in the list”

This only true if the marketers provide value content to the list

And also monetizes the list by sending email broadcast with a sales page link

So prospect can check out your offers again


3 – Live weekly hangouts


Sending people to a blog or a video is not enough to amp up  sales in internet marketing

Connecting with the prospects in a live environment generates more goodwill

To get people to join a business or buy whatever the business is promote

Prospect have got to like and trust the marketer  first

On live hangouts, prospects will feel a part of the organization

But also get a chance to interact with the marketer

He/she gets a chance to address the prospects’ objections upfront

And most importantly,  ask for the sale


The first 2 income activities will produce the best income results if done consistently daily

The last activity may be rather challenging for a new marketer,

The  alternative is to invite prospects to live hangouts hosted by company leaders



No company will thrive without sales. And if the marketing is done right, the sales will take care of itself.



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