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What comes to mind when you think about blogging?

Most people think it is having an online diary about personal life and putting up family and friends pictures. Other people think about blogging as something nerds or maybe reporters do online.  None of that is really accurate.

Most businesses maintain a blog session on their websites to have a strong online presence.  For an entrepreneur, blogging gives you the opportunity to reach a wide audience of people that may be interested in your products and services.

It used to be very techy and cost thousands of dollars to start a blog. Now for a minimum of $25 dollars anybody can access an all-in-one blogging system and start blogging right away without setting up a thing.

Now Let’s get to the benefits of blogging.

Blogging lets you have your own space on the Internet where you brand yourself and allow people to come find relevant information they can use in various ways. It is where you build a customer base and create trust and relationship. You can think of social media the same way but you just cannot have that space to post full content and build a customer based on social media. Think about what happens if you account gets hacked and gets closed down.

Blogging is the place where you can provide value and promote your offers to your list through advertising campaign. Also, your guest readers will feel at home and able to browse around your posts to find the information they need.

A website is not really exciting to revisit over and over again because there is no new content being added regularly. In contrast, by posting regular content on your blog, your niche will be interested in coming back to see what is new to learn about. The bottom line is you can see more consistency in traffic to your blog than to a website. That is why Blogging is so valuable in marketing.

If you blog regularly, people will be conditioned to visiting your blog and eventually, when you make them an offer, they will buy from you because you have been providing lots of value through your content.

Business owners may not have the fund to pour millions of dollars in paid ads like major corporations do. But if your blog consistently, you will find your market and your market will find you.

Get started blogging today

You can do this!


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